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Anton Yelchin actor dies at age of 27

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It was the moment that nobody expects to come so earlier in life at the age of 27, actor Anton Yelchin die, due to an accident that is still being investigate by the authorities. The star of new star trek generation, die when his car a jeep grand Cherokee of 2.5 ton. collide with him, ending in a fatal lost for all of his fans around the world

For Anton Yelchin it was another day coming back home, he park his jeep grand Cherokee, a car that his creator call back more than 1.1 million units worldwide. Apparently the great problem with this car is when you put the car in park apparently it goes to neutral, and with the car running this hit was brutal to the body of 27 Russian born actor Anton Yelchin.

At last there is still a lot details to tell and investigate. for now we let you some picture of how his gate and mailbox finish





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