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This is an exclusive interview with karen louise , special from the UK

1. what make you decide to come into the adult industry?

The lure of excitement and escape from the oppressive 9-5 grind. It's been a colourful and fun filled experience to date and I have met so many cool and sexy people!

2. do you feel you have great fans?

I think my fans are pretty cool! Some of them are really sweet and funny. Some cam with me and it's good to build up that report on cam and have some naughty fun!

3. where can we se you and found you photos and pcitures?

You can check out my adultwork plus if you google my name it brings up lots of naughty hits!

4. what is your ultimate desire or fantasy in sex?

I've done most of them! I think some dirty sex on a yacht or private jet would be pretty horny! Perhaps I'd have my own personal stewardess clad in latex! ;)

5. how do you feel working on adultwork and model centro?

They are two great platforms that provide a really good blend of clients. From my domination through to webcam and video sales they are really great ways to connect with fans who can see what I do.

6. did your family support you?

No one dreams of their child or kid sister to go into the adult industry but I have a tight family unit and my family are proud of me for the person I am and work doesn't come into it.

7. do you think there is a lot competition in your industry?

Yes of course. New faces are always popular. I do more domination these days and am involved in other projects and writing. No one can do this job forever. You have to have fingers in many pies and it keeps life interesting too.

8. finally, i would like to ask you, maybe the most important questions for your fans. are you single, or dating?

I'm happily attached but still enjoy my naughty cam shows with fans and so on.

thanks for your time karen louise, we hope



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