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Ildiko Ferenczi the new sensation on Periscope

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Ildiko Ferenczi is an actress, model and a superstar. she born on Vancouver, Canada but is also established on Los Angeles, California. The other day I was trying this new app from the creators of Twitter, call Periscope. when i discover Ildiko Ferenczi on Periscope I was amaze because she is one of the pioneer users to be in  this wonderful app that everyone should try call Pericope

It was almost 6 o clock, and the sun was coming up. When I start discovering Periscope. I found Ildiko Ferenczi friendly with everyone except with those perverts that she always block. Well then I saw something I didn't want to believe, someone eating outside of a restaurant and while everyone watching her on Periscope. To me that could be embarrassing.

Since that day I become a follower of her profile on Periscope, And one day I saw something not that familiar. I saw her sleeping. Yes apparently she turn off the ipod or tablet that she was using, but something happen it didn't go off, and she was transmitting all night. The best part was when she wake up. I think she have like 100 people watching at the moment she wake up and thru the night I will say more than 1000 people saw her sleeping. I can't forget that day, it was very funny and then for a moment she forget we were watching her and she make a call and i remember some of her cellphone  numbers, But before she finish she realize we were watching her so she run to the bathroom to finish her call.

My last words are that Ildiko Ferenczi  is such entertainment on Periscope and she also is an entrepreneur looking for new ideas to invest. So go to her website and enjoy everything she have to offer to you plus you get to see all her accounts and more i hope you guys like her shes a lot fun.



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