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Raquel Sultra appearing on Dallas adult expo

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I have the pleasure to chat with many pornstar but Raquel Sultra is the ultimate pornstar. She is always kind with us and always send many pictures. So i decide to make a post with all the photos, and also she will be appearing at the Dallas adult expo this august 7-9. By the end of this week you can visit you can also book her with the ocmodeling agencyyou can contact them at OC modeling 818-298-6939. She also wants to share her wish list: so dont wait and give special gift to her. Please lets support Raquel Sultra. she is really beautiful and hot pornstar.
she is also being given her own radio show on Monday nights 6:15-8:15pm PST on porn star radio starting in two weeks, so please don't missed. she is also co hosting Jack Cannons show Saturday nights every other week as well same times.

I ask raquel why she decide to be a pornstar?
I have been a mainstream swimsuit model for about 15yrs I got approached to doPlayboy style pics and decided to try it. It was fun so then I was asked to do a boy girl scene I thought about it for awhile then agreed to shoot one and it was fun. I divorced 2 yrs ago I don't date and never got to travel when I was married so I'm kind of making up for lost time and getting to have fun In the process.

Are you exciting to go to the Dallas  Adult expo these august 7-9?
Yes, I really am I'm invited to be at two different booths and its there first one in Dallas and will be huge. The first ones are always the best.
if you click in any of the following links you would be direct to see the movies of raquel ultra. please support her 



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