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Starri Knight a beautiful adultstar,webcam model and also a model

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Hi everyone and welcome to my blog as you I interview Starri Knight who is a pornstar an adult webcamer, webcam model, also too a model. Something in particular is that she is also a dancer and have her own clip store and her own website. I hope you all like Starri Knight and thanks for visiting.

1. Why did you decide to be a model, webcam model and a pornstar?
 Well to be honest it all just fell into my lap. I use to be a dancer, I danced for about 5 years. The last year I was dancing I started shooting girl/girl content with a girlfriend, Misty Anderson, for her website. Being a dancer and a sexual person, I had hooked up with girls on occasion so shooting with a girlfriend was fun to me. That lead to me starting my own website and also to camming. I've cammed off and on for awhile now but steady for the last 2 years. When I moved to Vegas about 7 years ago I started shooting solo and girl/girl porn and doing lots of mainstream modeling as well.

2. Do you have another job? 
My job to date is modeling and camming

3. Do you family know and supports your career?
 Yes my family knows and accepts it. Family is family and they do not just stop loving me because of my life choices. It's my life and I'm allow to live it as I please. When I'm with my family it's family time when I'm on cam or doing a shoot that's what I'm doing. Although I'm open about what I do, I do keep things separate.

4. What is your most awkward moment in webcamming? 
 I can't really recall an awkward moment, as I am very comfortable with myself and very open minded and accepting of others and love trying new things. I've seen a lot of crazy, different, and unique fantasies and fetishes. A show that I don't enjoy is when someone comes in and doesn't interact with me. I love to talk dirty back and forth as we play and if someone is not saying anything or responding to me during the show it makes it quite boring.

5. What are your hobbies?
 Yoga, gym, shopping, traveling, cooking, wine, live music, pool parties, beaches, reading books, nice dinners, comedy shows, hiking, watching documentaries on metaphysics, the universal, ancient knowledge, quantum physics, aliens stuff of that nature.

6. Have you found love or someone that you like throw webcamming?
 I have not found love thru camming nor have I been looking for it. I do have a few guys I consider them good friends and one in particular who is very special to me, he's my favorite!

8. Do you have your own website or a clip store?
 I do website at iwantclips store at

9. Do you think there is a lot competition in the webcamming industry?
  Well there's thousands of girls doing web cam but I don't really look at it as competition. We all have our own unique charm and every guy has different taste so I just feel like there's enough girls and guys for everyone to find what they are looking for.

10. My last question and probably very important for your fans, are you single?
  I am single. I was in a relationship for about 5yrs. We separated not quite 2yrs ago. I did the dating scene probably a little to soon and did not met anyone I could connect really connect with. So I've took some time off from all that and have been basically focusing on myself and doing what I want when I want and really couldn't be happier. I have gone on a date here and there and am open to meeting someone when its ready to happen but it's not my focus.

These are the links to contact starri knight and also visit her clipstore, and streamate and myfreecams. Please really visit her and support her thanks



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