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Hi everyone, how are you today. I email some question to the great latin actress Sandra. She is so beautiful and hot that have create her own website. Instead of wating for the call of an agent she decide to open her own website call . And also she is creating a special website call only for fetishes. i hope you all enjoy the interview.

1. why did you decide to get inside the adult industry?
 I used to be a high school teacher, but i'm not a fan of waking up early! doing my site, camming and videos is so much fun.

2. Is your family understanding and supporting you in this career?
 Yes, they love me no matter what!

3. How hard is for you to get book for a job?
 I don't work for any company but myself! I produce all my own videos, so fairly easy lol.

4. Do you think you have a lot fans?
 I can never have enough.

5. Where can your fans contact you and find you? and im under construction of making a new site for fetishes only called oh and my clip store

6. Where can directors and producers contact you for work?
 Im my own producer yeah!

7. My last question and probably very important for your fans, are you single?
  Nope happily married since 08!!



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