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My review of the Gaucho Inca restaurant

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Hello dear readers, today I bring my experience in the restaurant Gaucho Inca.  Is located at 4383 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, Florida. The truth is that when you enter, the restaurant seemed very nice, I could tell it have class, suddenly we're seated and the seats were welcoming. The first thing we ordered was the drinks I ordered a chicha that they brought in a purple bottle, it was not that good but it was not so bad either. Then it was time to order, I ordered ceviche input and second Aji de gallina.

After a few minutes the dishes arrived. The good thing is that everything is fresh, I gather that for the time I wait for the dishes. First I get my ceviche, It felt very bitter, its decoration was nice. But the lemon flavor was too strong, very good presentation but I think it was flavorless. It had too much lemon. Then  the second came, which was a good aji de gallina; the presentation was good, just like the amount; but again the taste had nothing to do with the real aji de gallina, it was too yellow, it looked as if he had put too much dye. I also tried a bit of green noodles and it was a disaster. Previously I tried the huancaina potato, I didn't like. Did not have the right flavor and the color was very strong, again it was as if he had put too much dye.

However one of my companions ordered the lomo saltado. It was not as good; but by far it tasted better than the other dishes. It was like a mercedes benz against a simple car. The place is very cozy and very clean, in its restrooms you will find several photographs which seemed to give me another look at the restaurant; also they put something for you to rinse your mouth. Which I thought was great and innovative.

In conclusion the restaurant is more presentation than taste. It's like buying a car that looks great outside but inside it's okay. I think they have to improve their food. But the taste of their dishes ruined all presentation and service. I sincerely hope to return. Thanks



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