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Gabriella Salvatore the new sensation in the adult film industry

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Hi to everyone i hope you all enjoy this interview with miss gabriella salvatore.

1. what make you decide to become an adult actress?
I love having sex and i was working in la as a playboy model and a hooters waitress for money.

2. Do you think you have great fans and loyal to you?
The best fans ever they will be happy ill be shooting a lot of scenes in the upcoming few months.

3. Whats the opinion of your family about you working in the adult industry?
they aren't very supportive right now but i know they love me and i'm hoping time will change things.

4. How do you keep that hot body?
I go to the gym lots of squats and i use my stair machine.

5. where can producers , directors,contact you for work, and also where can your fans contact you?
Producers and directors can contact me thru my email fans on my dream lover when i log on cam. last question and very important for your fans. are you single or dating?

thanks gabriella for this oportunity



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