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kelley cabbana an adult star and glamour model

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Hi and thanks for reading my website. Today i have an exclusive interview with Kelley Cabbana. Famous glamour model star. Who is dedicate to her fans. And thats how she start making adult videos. But she says it helps to explore more her sexuality especially in front of the camera.

1. Why did you decide to be an actress a model and a playboy tv hostess?
    I love being in front of the camera i am most comfortable there and when playboy approached me         they find me on the internet from my my one model place portfolio i was so excited to work with       them  and it launched my career in a new direction.

2. How did you feel in the adult industry?
I love working with the adult industry it allows me to explore even more of my sexuality and fantasies with my fans. the people i have met are so nice and have been awesome to work with.

3. Have your ever think of retirement?
No retirement anytime soon i feel like im just getting started lol i was nominated in 2015 at the avn awards for favorite cam girl this is a huge accomplishment for me so im expecting good things are coming.

4. How was the experience of being a playboy tv hostess?
Working with playboy was a huge honor for me. they treated me amazing and it really launched my career towards more of sexual side. my fans saw me in playboy and wanted me on playboy and wanted to see more so that inspired me to go more explicit on my own site.

5. How can your fans reach to you?
Twitter, facebook, instagram, streamate, ,,

6. Where can people contact you for work?
Email is best

7. Do you think you have wonderful fans?
I have the best fans ever honestly they love me support me there awesome i can always count on them they send me gifts from around the world and fan mail too i literally have boxes of fan letters i have received.

8. Whats coming up for you, we will see you on tv or a movie?
Things always are changing and new opportunities arise all the time it's best to stay in contact with me follow me on twitter i always update my fans.

9. Now my last question and maybe very important for your fans . are you single?
Sometimes lol i do date im just looking for the right guy that accepts me for who i am and what i do for work. i am very committed so being true to myself is important i love what i do and that person must respect that to be with me.



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